We want everybody to know and recognize the importance of our birds as special components of our natural and urban enviroment.

At the same time as the scientific speeches, the II International Symposium RED KITE Binaced 2015 gives an activity programme open to everybody, companions and village residents.

From October 26th to November 8th

Birds Photographic Exhibition

Head office. Aragón Pl. 13-15 “Local Social”.

Time: from 10:00 to 20:00.

Free Admission.

Content: This exhibition tries to illustrate the range of birds in Binaced and in Santa Cilia de Panzano´s trough. With this didplay of photographs the attendees will find out the birds´ world through the lens of photographers from different countries, who have lent their pictures specially for this event. Close to the big images, short explanations are included to contribute to spread the better knowledge of the different species which share our enviroment, and to increase sensitivity to its protection and preservation. Besides, to make the visit more attractive, there´s also an audiovisual projection.

The exhibition starts in November 26th till November 8th.

Sunday, November 1st

Trip to the Raptors’ Observatory.

Red Kite trapping and tagging session.

Place: Aragón Pl. 13-15. Local social.

Free Asisstance. No registration needed.

Brotherhood lunch for all the participants.

Place: Binaced Restaurant.

Time: 14:00.

  • Open to all participants.
  • Booking is required.
  • Costs run by participants.

Monday, November 2nd

Trip: “Red Kites Path”.

  • Arrival at Santa Cilia del Panzano´s rubbish tip.
  • Visit to the Interpretive Centre “Los altos de Guara”.
  • Visit to “La casa de los buitres” Museum.

Time: 8:15 – 13:00. Punctuality is kindly required.

Meeting point:

  • 8:15: Pabellón municipal “Pepe Chaverri” (Binaced).
  • 9:30: Camping Cañones de Guara y Formiga (Panzano).

Punctuality is kindly required.

Free Asisstance. No registration needed.

Travel by private car.

Lunch on your own or in the Camping´s Restaurant (booking and costs run by participants).

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