Binaced international headquarters of Red Kite

Binaced international headquarters of Red Kite
2 November, 2015 dmfweb

During the month of October will begin to see in Binaced the Red Kite, the chosen site for the winter for more than half of the kites that reach the province of Huesca from Germany, the Czech Republic and Sweden. Daily commuting often 100 or 200 kilometers, so it is common to see them fly over the Congost de Mont-rebei, Riglos Mallos, Salto del Roldan, the Sierra de Alcubierre or Sotonera, among other places. Every day kites roost again Binaced, until the arrival of spring, when they return to colder lands of central Europe.

Under the II International Symposium of Red Kite, experts from France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and Poland and from different parts of the Spanish geography, have tried and analyzed issues related to the conservation and study of kites on censuses and spread in the territory, the GPS tracking in Germany, the different migratory routes and wintering areas. The conferences have addressed issues pathogens in kites, causes of admission to rehabilitation centers, or the different techniques of trapping and tagging.

The SEO-Monticola Ornithological Group and Fondo Amigos del Buitre, which has three Felix awards Azara, take ten years working in banding and marking of kites, making Binaced in one of the places with an important role in Kite conservation. A work that has enabled a wealth of information about this bird, one of the most endangered raptors Spain. For over 30 years the FAB does the dunghill of “Las Pichillas”, an eating area that serves to maintain the population of birds of prey in the area.

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