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The following legal notice regulates the website. All persons who access this website assume the role of site user and have an obligation to read the conditions below and agree to comply with them before performing any action in the website.

In accordance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11th July covering E-commerce and Information Society Services the following information is reflected:

This Website is the property of the The Asociación Fondo Amigos del Buitre, address: Albalate 12, 22510 Binaced, Huesca (ES), and tax identification number C.I.F.: G22126379 registered in the Association Book of Records of County Council of Aragon with the number 613, section 1ª.

Contact email address: info[arroba]


In accordance with the subsection of article 5 of the Organic Law 15/ 1999 of the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD; Spain), informs the applicant that any Personal Data gathered at the website has been gathered through site search, consultation, application or another service or transaction and operation carried out through the website wil be stored in a folder which is the responsibility of

When a contractual service is made with us, we ask for certain personal information: name and surname, email and telephone. Your personal information will not in any way be shared, distributed or modified without the user’s prior consent.

Also, please note that these personal data and information provided to us, as well as images or videos posted on this site may be transferred may be transferred to Asociación Fondo Amigos del Buitre (FAB), organization directly related to If you do not want, please send a message through the contact form.

All information provided is strictly confidential and is exclusively used with the objective of offering the solicited services, with all legal and security guarantees imposed by the Information and Electronic Business for Society Law 34/ 11th Jun 2002, being met.


At we use cookies to improve visitors search experience on our website, and allow us to gather statistics on he number of visitors and hits that we receive. On our website, the use of cookies only has the following ends:

  • To identify the user
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“According to the Royal Decree 13/30th March 2012, the second part of article 22 of the 34/11th June 2002 law, Information and Electronic Commerce and Services to Society Law (LSSI), and following the Spanish Data Protection Agency directives.”

In our F.A.Q’s you will find detailed information about Cookies, which types we use on our website, how to change their configuration in your search engine, and what happens if you disable them..


Our assistants authorise the use of their photographs and videos for an undefined time period on our site, with the aim of spreading information and publicity through the site, on social networks like Facebook or Google +, on channels like Youtube or Vimeo and other media offered through the internet.

As established in Article 2 of the Organic Law 1/ 5th May 1982 (Spain) on Civil Protection and Author Rights, Personal and Familial Privacy, the prior consent of clients and assistants is required before the said image is used.

“There is no detection of illegitimate intrusion of protected material when the holder of rights grants their permission to use the images.”

Any person who appears in images used on the website holds rights to that particular image, and these can be solicited by email from info[arroba] and at any moment the said image can be immediately removed from the website or other internet media.

In relation to any image containing a minor, according to the protection of the Honour, Privacy and Proper Image of Minors, permission from the said minor, their parents, guardians or tutors must be sought.

As indicated in Article 13.1 of the LOPD (Spain) ruling:

“In compliance with the Royal Decree 13/ 30th March 2012 and according to the second subsection of Article 22 of Law 34/ 11th June 2002 of theInformation Serrvicees to Society and Electronic Commerce Law (LSSI) and following the directives of the Spanish data Protection Agency.”


This website, including its programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for its management, like the brand name, logo, design, headings, HTML code, texts, images, videos, graphics and any other content, is the property of or in another case where the expressed authorisation of the authors has been given.

All total or partial reproduction, exploitation, distribution or commercialisation of the site’s content requires prior written permission from info[arroba]

The site user is only authorised to view the material and contents of the website. Download of material from the site into their PC would be for their personal and private use, never commercial use, and on condition that authors’ rights are respected. At all times the user must respect the authenticity and request consent of the owner (, and the person (or persons) on the multimedia content for playback on other public service media (other websites, social networks, personal appearances, etc.).

It is also illegal to suppress, ignore or manipulate in any way copyright and data identifying photographs, images, videos, graphics and information included in the site content.

All designs, logos, texts and/ or graphics used on the website, belong to the respective owners, and any controversy resulting from their use is attributable to them. In any case, has the expressed authorisation from the said authors of the use of this content.


Links with other web pages: is able to offer directly and indirectly links to resources and other pages external to this web page. The objective of the presence of these links on the web page is entirely for informational purposes and in no case does it constitute an invitation to contract the products and/or services that are offered or may be offered on the web pages. has no liability in relation to the characteristics, conditions of use or the contracting of the products and/or services on the web pages to which these links direct the user, and, in general in relation to any aspect of the related linked pages. shall proceed as quickly as possible to delete and render useless the corresponding links in the cases when it is aware that the information or activity of these web page links is, or could be, illegitimate to the rights of a third party.

Any user who is aware that the activities carried out through a link from web pages are illegitimate, should immediately communicate this to for the purposes of deleting or rendering the corresponding link unusable.

Links from other web pages: authorises the establishment of links between other websites and its own, given they adhere to the following conditions:

  • Any link with illicit or immoral content in violation of public order is prohibited.
  • Private, non-commercial links may be established between this website and another, provided copyright and content property rights are upheld for the linked material. For that, the URL of this website or the name of the author must be given as a reference.
  • In no case, can the web page which has made the link reproduce in any way the web page of or include it as part of its contents.
  • Modification of any kind of this website’s contents in prohibited, along with the reproduction, presentation or distribution or any other use of its content for commercial ends.
  • The use of this website’s profile for legal or non-authorised ends, with or without economic motive, is prohibited.


To exercise these rights, the owner of the data can be addressed through written communication and attaching a copy of your DNI to: info[arroba]

You can resolve any questions about this Privacy Policy by contacting us at the email address: info[arroba]


In compliance with the clause of Artcles 11 and 16 of the LSSI–CE law, the responsible party for this website places themselves at the disposition of all the site’s users, authorities and security bodies to retract or block all content that could affect or contravene national or international legislation, third-party rights, morals or public order. If a user considers that the website contains material classifiable thus, they should notify the website administrator immediately.


Spanish Law will be applied in case of any controversy or related questions to this website, which adheres to Spanish Law and agrees to resolve any cases or derived conflicts with their use of the Tribunals and Courts of Monzón (Huesca, Spain).

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