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  • Symposium Results

    The symposium has been a success and will certainly have been achieved the objectives set in the project. It has been developed with great care, with contents of great interest, with continuous compliments of speakers and delegates to the organization and has updated information on the species that serve to know and preserve it better. It has also done a great job of local diffusion and environmental education that certainly will affect the population...

  • Development Symposium

    Between October 30th to November 1st 2015 was held the 2nd International Symposium of Red Kite in Binaced (Huesca, Spain). During the two-day scientific conference experts shared their data to try to determine why the Red Kite population in Europe is decreasing in recent years. The development of the congress took place normally, overall punctuality and everything went very well thanks to a coordinated team that knew at all times what he should be...

  • Symposium Activities

    Sunday morning hundreds of people, including neighbors Binaced and conference attendees, appointment at 9.30 in the congress to depart for the Environmental Observatory Raptors gave the town is crossing a part of the "Route of the Red Kites ".

  • Symposium Conclusions

    Throughout the symposium was scoring the most important issues and asked each one of the managers of each session and each round table to prepare the ideas and conclusions of each topic. In the closing ceremony of these findings were presented to all attendees could refine, improve or complete.

  • Magazine Quercus nº 358 December 2015

    Apoyo firme a favor del milano real en el congreso de Binaced. Exitoso encuentro de estudiosos y defensores de esta rapaz amenazada. Más de 150 participantes se han dado cita en el congreso internacional sobre el milano real de Binaced (Huesca), en el que no solo se cumplieron las expectativas generadas. El encuentro confirmó el buen hacer de estudiosos y defensores de esta rapaz amenazada por situarla en lo alto de la agenda conservacionista.

  • Binaced international headquarters of Red Kite

    Under the II International Symposium of Red Kite, experts from France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and Poland and from different parts of the Spanish geography, have tried and analyzed issues related to the conservation and study of kites on censuses and spread in the territory, the GPS tracking in Germany, the different migratory routes and wintering areas. The conferences have addressed issues pathogens in kites, causes of admission to rehabilitation centers, or the different...

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