The II International Symposium of Red Kite


The II International Symposium of Red Kite – October 30th to November 1st 2015.

With the institutional support of the Council of Binaced · Valcarca and the Provincial Government of Huesca, the Association of Friends of the Vulture Fund and SEO-Monticola Ornithological Group of the Autónoma University of Madrid (local group SEO / BirdLife).

The presentation of symposium in Binaced is not as a result of chance or luck, but is the result of 30 years of persistent work with the principal aim of protecting raptors in the region.

Thanks to 10 years of scientific study by ornithologists of SEO-Monticola Ornithological Group, and volunteers of Friends of the Vulture Fund Association, the municipality of Binaced has been selected over other locations. It is a habitat of primary importance for red kites and is one of the most densely populated areas in Europe for this species during winter. In addition, more study effort has been focused on the red kite populations in Binaced over the last decade than any other area in Europe.

The symposium will be international in scope and an important forum to update and share knowledge of this species, exchange experiences and study techniques and develop collaboration between countries. It will also establish priorities for study and conservation, and is unique as it will focus on red kites as a model for other endangered raptors and their conservation problems.

The speakers featuring at the symposium are all scientists with a strong national and international reputation for research on the Red Kite. Communication of research will be through talks and posters.

The Organizing Committee encourage you to participate in this important conference, which will offer simultaneous translation in Spanish and English during all talks.

As well as the conference itself, a parallel program of activities open to all participants has been developed to showcase the Binaced area.

We trust that both the symposium will be of your interest to you and that you will decide to join us for this important event.

We will wait for you!!

Knows all that offers the II International Symposium RED KITE 2015

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